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Full Spectrum CBD Drops


Credible wellness experts from many disciplines suggest CBD Drops are an essential dietary supplement. Fortifying the endocannabinoid system to increase general well-being, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, increase joint mobility and providing many more benefits your body, mind and spirit seek. CBD Drops may be used “as is” or blended in to any hand-crafted, DIY, projects or recipes such as salves, massage oils, bath bombs, smoothies, foods, etc.; allowing you to extend it’s value and explore it’s tremendous versatility.

CBD Drops are meticulously extracted, delivering the whole plant just as nature intended. Certified (COA) by third party laboratories, proven safe and free from any heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents.

This is the purity and quality you’ve been waiting for.



  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • 500mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) per 10mL UV glass bottle (50mg/mL)
  • Other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Highest purity MCT oil
  • Natural hemp flavor
  • Tamper-evident cap
  • Easy to read measured glass dropper
  • Pet friendly
  • < 0.3% THC as required by law

Each small batch is third-party tested for purity and quality assurance so that you can be certain there are no pesticides, heavy metals or other harmful substances in our extracts.

Key Ingredients

Cannabidiol (CBD), other cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from full spectrum industrial hemp, MCT oil.


How do I take it?
The simplest and most effective delivery mechanism is sublingual. Shake the bottle, twist the cap open to access the dropper. Fill the dropper to the desired amount. Drop the oil under your tongue. Hold under your tongue or swish around in your mouth for about one minute before swallowing. Avoid eating or drinking 5 minutes before and after for optimal absorption. Additionally, CBD Drops may be added to food or drinks, applied topically, or vaporized.

How much do I take?
Your condition, desired results and physiology will be factors in determining your delivery method as well as serving size and frequency. The sublingual serving size chart below may be used as a general guideline and starting point to help you determine your ideal amount. Adjust the serving amount as desired. Daily serving indicated below.

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