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Atlantis TR90 Weight Management System in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

Reset the genes that control your metabolism with Atlantis TR90 Weight Management System in MD, VA, and DC. As close as you’ll get to true metabolism targeting improvement in a meal replacement program!

Do we have your attention yet? Good. This allows the body to shrink and kill fat cells while maintaining lean muscle. With the ageLOC TR90 program, the focus is on redefining your body composition by promoting more lean muscle maintenance through an innovative meal plan and supplements, shifting the balance and making it easier to achieve your goals.

Scientists now understand the genes that control metabolism and can reset its function to a long-term higher metabolism that not only helps you lose weight but KEEPS IT OFF!

How is the ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System different than other weight loss systems?

Simple. Traditional weight management programs may not always distinguish between loss of fat and loss of lean muscle, and they often promote unhealthy weight loss practices that can lead to loss of metabolically active muscle tissue. The ageLOC TR90 Weight Management System is designed to support lean muscle and promotes an improved metabolism to help you improve your body for a healthier you.

Although the standard bathroom scale registers the same whether you’ve lost muscle or fat, it is important to understand that the loss of lean muscle tissue is counterproductive to weight management. In fact, it usually constitutes in weight re-gain once the diet is over or when you stop taking those diet pills prescribed to you.

This program comes with a full metabolic evaluation when you start along with other additional benefits that cannot be found when doing this on your own. Call us at (301) 622-2722 for details.

ageLOC TR90 is available in 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day systems and comes with on-line support.

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