Atlantis Ketogenic Power Program in Silver Spring, MD
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Atlantis Ketogenic Power Program in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

Like many diet buzzwords, the Ketogenic Diet or Keto Diet is an old discussion marketed to be a new thing. The ketogenic diet is a way of eating that trains your body to use fats as the primary source of energy rather than carbohydrates. This way of eating has been shown in medical research and clinical settings to be useful in treating certain types of epilepsy, helps with better blood sugar control in Type2 Diabetes, and as an effective way of losing weight. In recent years the “Ketogenic Diet” has been more of a buzz phrase for weight loss even though Dr. Gonzalez has been using a ketogenic diet approach for years in helping certain individuals lose weight and keep it off effectively.

The ketogenic diet can be a very powerful way of eating to improve overall health… when done properly. Unfortunately, we are now seeing certain marketing strategies selling the ketogenic diet approach inappropriately and over hype the benefits of a ketogenic diet to sell subpar products that at best have marginal usefulness and at worse can hurt an individual’s metabolism.

The ketogenic diet can be a very powerful way of eating to improve overall health… when done properly.

Can I do the Ketogenic Diet on my own?

Certain issues can be seen with trying to do this type of diet on your own or listening to celebrity or non-medical sources of advice for beginning or sustaining a ketogenic diet. Some of these issues include elevated cholesterol especially LDL (a “bad” cholesterol), micronutrient deficiencies that can occur but can be prevented when guided by a medical professional, and poor sustainability of weight loss on this type of diet. Any type of diet that limits certain food groups can cause issues with nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies. The Atlantis Ketogenic Power Program directly manages that and an overall sustainability of overall improved health and weight loss. It can be a powerful tool to use after doing the hCG Protocol Program or while beginning any hormone replacement program.

How is a Keto Diet different from other low carb programs?

What makes a ketogenic diet different from other low carbohydrate programs is that you will be eating more fats, oils, and meats. There are good options for vegetarians and we have an amazing Atlantis KetoVeggie Power Program that allows vegetarians the benefits of a ketogenic diet. It is more difficult for vegans to take advantage of a ketogenic diet. However, it is not impossible. Vegans must supplement in order to maintain a ketogenic effect. All supplements recommended are strictly vegan friendly.

The Phases of the Atlantis Ketogenic Power Program

The Atlantis Ketogenic Power Program is a Three Phase Program. Phase 1 teaches your body to become efficient in burning fat. Phase 2 or the “Adjustment Phase” teaches your body to remain efficient in not only burning fat but decreasing inflammation and maintaining efficient muscle metabolism. There are powerhouse molecules in each of the cells of your body called mitochondria that are the factories of energy. These mitochondria are highly concentrated in muscle. Phase 2 focuses on speeding up your metabolism and slowing down the aging process. Phase 3 is the Maintenance phase. Once your body has learned to become efficient in burning fat (Phase 1) and improves overall metabolism (Phase 2), you now want to teach your body to maintain all the benefits of Phase 1 and 2 sustained throughout the rest of your life. Through the guidance and direction of Dr. Gonzalez, our nutrition specialists will guide you in maintaining the best you!

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