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Advanced Hormone Evaluation and Replacement Course

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“Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Causes Cancer!”

“Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) causes heart attacks!”

“I took 2 other courses on HRT and I don’t know how to apply it in my practice!”

“I have been doing HRT in my practice but there are patients that do not respond as I expected and I am not sure how to manage them from here.”

These are some of the most common statements and questions I hear at conferences….from patients, physicians and other medical professionals. Learn how to take your knowledge of hormone evaluation and replacement to a higher level. Learn more details of how to evaluate and manage complex patients with co-morbidities. I will teach you how to sort out information you have learned in other courses, give you a systems biology approach in HRT thinking, apply evidenced and experienced based medicine, and apply it immediately in your practice.

Register today to receive the education and training to identify and use the correct HRT protocol with your patients. 


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