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Botox Silver Spring, MD Botox Silver Spring, MD

Are you seeking smoother skin? Do you wish your wrinkles and lines were softer looking? If so, our clinic for Botox in Silver Spring, MD may be just right for you. Call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center to learn more now. 

What is Botox?

Botox is a purified form of botulinum toxin. It has the ability to target lines and wrinkles which are a result of repeated crinkling of the skin from smiling, laughing, or frowning. These can also occur with age, and other factors like smoking or dehydration. When injected in small doses under the skin, Botox relaxes the muscles and smoothes the surface. The result is a youthful appearance. 

What Botox Can Do For Our Patients

  • Lift a drooping brow
  • Improve lines on the forehead
  • Reduce frown lines
  • Minimize crow’s feet
  • Contour the jaw

Botox is also used for medical purposes, such as neck spasms and migraines. If you are interested in getting Botox in Silver Spring, Maryland, please reach out to Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center.

Popular Botox Transformations


Squinting, smiling, and laughing can be contributors to wrinkles forming around the area of the eye. These wrinkles tend to be very responsive to Botox. When injected correctly, Botox can restore a bright, well-rested expression. 


The brow line often falls with age. This can result in an expressive look that is tired, sad, or upset. Botox can elevate the brow and reduce furrows within the area. The result is a content, brighter appearance. 


Forehead wrinkles are very common as a person ages. Botox treatments in Silver Spring, MD can relax the facial muscles that lead to permanent creases on the forehead. Lines are softened and a person’s appearance can look much more relaxed. 


When a person feels their jaw is too large compared to the rest of their facial features, Botox may be recommended. Botox can reduce the size of the underlying muscle; thereby, create a contour to the area. It will not actually change the skeletal structure of the area, but it will alter the angle. This is a big transformation that patients are very happy with. 

Your Botox Treatment

When you come to our office for Botox in Silver Spring, MD, your injections will be done in the comfort of our office. The appointment typically lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The injections take about 10 minutes. 

To begin, the doctor will ask you to contract your face in a number of different ways. This will allow us to correctly mark the treatment area. After, Botox injections are given. The goal is to smooth out wrinkles and lines while allowing you to move your face in a natural way. 

Botox carries little to no side effects. You might experience some swelling or redness, but this will fade shortly. There is no downtime which means you can resume your day as normal. 

The Results of Botox

Botox results tend to appear in the first couple of days after the treatment. It will last 3-4 months. At that point, you can arrange maintenance treatments at our Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center in Maryland. 

Take The Next Step

If you are tired of your wrinkles or lines and are ready for a change you can be happy with, Botox in Silver Spring, MD may be just right. Call Atlantis Medical Wellness & Weight Loss Center to schedule your first appointment. 

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